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Siegel McDaniel Winner Named

Congratulations to Alice Balestrino, who won this year's Siegel McDaniel Award for Graduate Research on Philip Roth. Alice won the prize for her essay, "The Fragility of Democratic Voices in Philip Roth's Radio." The essay will be published in a future issue of Philip Roth Studies. She teaches Contemporary American Literature at the University of Roma Tre in Italy. She is PhD Candidate in Italian Studies at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; her research project is a comparative analysis of Italian and American Jewish Literature with a particular focus on Transnational Modernism and female genealogies.

An honorable mention was given to Jennifer Dorn for her essay, "Even More Astonishing is What Passes for Knowing."

Thanks to all those who entered this year's contest and the committee for reading the entries. Congratulations to Alice!


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