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Call for Applications--Next Editor(s) of Philip Roth Studies

Please join the Philip Roth Society and the Philip Roth Studies Advisory Board in expressing our deep thanks to Aimee Pozorski and Maren Scheuer for their service as co-editors of Philip Roth Studies, which will end with the issue 20.1 (Spring 2024). As in line with our constitution, an ad hoc committee of three members (Jim Bloom, Andy Connolly, and Debra Shostak) has been convened to name the new Executive Editor for PRS. The Executive Editor serves for five years. We ask Roth scholars to consider undertaking this essential position. The selection team has pasted below the section from the society’s constitution that explains the editor's responsibilities and the process for selecting the position.

If you are interested in applying, please send a c.v. and a 300-500 word statement of purpose to Andy Connolly ( Applications are due by November 15th. Please feel free to contact Andy or Aimee and Maren ( if you have any questions about the position or the application process.

From the Society Constitution:

The Executive Editor of Philip Roth Studies, in keeping with the current publications agreement, shall work closely with the Philip Roth Society and shall be responsible for conducting peer review of all articles submitted for publication in the journal according to standard scholarly procedures. A three-member publications subcommittee appointed by the Executive Council (minus the Executive Editor of the journal) and the immediate editorial team of Philip Roth Studies, will be responsible for overseeing the process of selecting the Executive Editor. The Executive Council will select two members of the subcommittee; the immediate editorial team will select one member of the subcommittee. This process will include collecting nominations, circulating curriculum vitae, soliciting input from the Society membership, and ultimately selecting the Executive Editor. Each publications subcommittee disbands with the successful appointment of an Executive Editor. The length of each term for the Executive Editor is limited to five years with the possibility of unlimited term renewals. The Executive Editor is selected independent of the triennial Officer elections and may not simultaneously serve as another Officer in the Executive Council. Anyone who wants to be considered for the position of Executive Editor must recuse him/herself in any of the selection committee process. No one may concurrently serve as Executive Editor of the journal and elected Society Executive Council member.


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