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Nominations for Philip Roth Society Officers, 2012-2015

It is time for the triennial election of officers for the Philip Roth Society. As per its constitution, every three years the society membership will elect individuals to four positions: president, secretary/treasurer, program director, and newsletter editor. These four elected members, along with the executive editor of Philip Roth Studies, make up the society’s Executive Council and serve as the major voting body of the organization. For a full description of the various officer positions, please see the Philip Roth Society constitution.

Nominations for the four elected positions are currently underway, and all members are strongly encouraged to nominate themselves or another member for one of the open offices. The nomination process will be open until midnight on Friday, March 30th. Please submit all nominations, along with any questions concerning the election, to the society’s outgoing secretary/treasurer, Jessica Rabin, at jgrabin [at]

This is an important event for the organization, and we appreciate all members taking the time to participate. Again, the society encourage every member to send in her or his nominations by Friday, March 30th.

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