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The Philip Roth Personal Library Names Sam Graham-Felsen as New Historian/Curator


I’d like to introduce myself as the new historian / curator of the Philip Roth Personal Library located at the Newark Public Library in Newark, NJ. My name is Sam Graham-Felsen and I am a novelist and freelance journalist who has been deeply influenced by Roth’s work.

My role will be twofold: to serve the community of Roth scholars and Roth readers, and to engage the people of Newark in writing and literacy-related events, from writing workshops to conferences and public forums. One of the specific projects I intend to launch is to create a map of the various Newark locations Roth described in his novels. In addition to the ongoing activities of the Roth Book Club, and the newsletter, I also hope to launch a podcast about Roth and the books that meant the most to him.

Roth’s donation of his collection to a public library is a meaningful statement, and I will strive to see that his wish to make these materials highly accessible is met. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any scholarly inquiries, appointments for research, or general questions about our upcoming programs. You can also visit our website at for new information and ongoing updates. I look forward to meeting and welcoming you to the Philip Roth Personal Library.

Sam Graham-Felsen


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