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Program For "Roth Remembered" Conference Released

The "Roth Remembered" Conference is just a few weeks away. Down below is the conference schedule. A reminder about registration. The conference registration fee is $150 ( $75 for students, retired faculty, and independent scholars). Registration payments can be sent via Paypal at the following link:

If you'd prefer to mail a check, it can be sent to the following address:

The Philip Roth Society

c/o Matthew Shipe,

Roth Society President

Washington University in St. Louis

Campus Box 1122

One Brookings Drive

St. Louis, MO 63130-4899

If you'd like to verify that your payment arrived, please contact Matthew Shipe at

“Roth Remembered” Sponsored by the Philip Roth Society, the Goldstein-Goren Center for American Jewish History at New York University, & the Center for Jewish History

April 7th-9th, 2019 New York, New York

*** Sunday April 7th

All Sunday panels & events will be held at the Goldstein-Goren Center (53 Washington Square S)


Roth and American Politics

Chair: Brett Ashley Kaplan

  • Andy Connolly: “Moral Outrage and Liberal Elitism in the Works of Philip Roth”

  • Dan Dufournad: "Zuckerman's (Negative) Dialectics in I Married a Communist"

  • Louis Gordon: “Philip Roth and the New Left” International Reception

Chair: Miriam Jaffe

  • Elèna Mortara: "About Meeting with Roth and Editing His Works in Italy"

  • Francesco Samarini: “Portnoy in Italy”


Philip Roth and Literary Studies

Chair: Ira Nadel

  • Patrick Hayes: “Philip Roth and Pleasure”

  • Hilene Flanzbaum: “Roth’s Holocaust and Jewish-American Literature”

  • Andrew Dean: “Roth’s Comedy and the Good”

  • Respondent: Benjamin Schreier

Representations of Women

Chair: Maren Scheurer

  • Joshua Lander: "Mother Matter in Philip Roth's Fiction"

  • Amber Manning: “A Vibrant Reckoning”

  • Rachael McLennan: "Rehabilitating When She Was Good"


Representing “Roth”

Chair: Hilene Flanzbaum

  • Victoria Aarons: “Self-Representation and the ‘Ruthless Intimacy of Fiction’: Roth Reimagined in the Fiction of Others”

  • Debra Shostak: “Seeing ‘Roth’ in Cinematic and Visual Art” Roth’s Other Europe

Chair: Paule Lévy

  • Steven Sampson, “Ghetto Envy: Philip Roth's European Pastoral"

  • Jack Knowles:

  • Olga Karasik: “



Historians Look at the Age of Roth: Jewish and Newark Contexts

Chair: Matthew Shipe

  • Hasia R. Diner, New York University

  • Lila Corwin Berman, Temple University

  • John Wesley Johnson, Jr. St. Peters University




Opening Remarks & Charles McGrath’s Keynote Address

"'How the Other Half Lives': 'Writers from the Other Europe'

and Philip Roth's Turn to American History"

'Metamorphosis' in Roth's Novel: A Play With Classical


Monday April 8th

All Monday panels will be held at the Center for Jewish History (15 W. 16th St) The Reception & Keynote Address will be held at the Goldstein Goren Center


The Politics of Race and Ethnicity

Chair: Andy Connolly

  • Cristina Cheveresan: “A Jew without Jewishness”: (Re)Negotiating Cultural Heritage and (Trans)National Selfhood in Philip Roth’s The Counterlife"

  • Richard Elliott: "Roth and Race in The Human Stain"

  • Brett Ashley Kaplan: "'Grotesquery to the Surface': Roth's Plot Against

America Revisited in the Wake of Charlottesville" Roth’s Influences and Interests

Chair: Victoria Aarons

  • Jacques Berlinerblau: “Metempsychosis: Philip Roth's Grand Theme?"

  • Ira Nadel: “I Married a Communist: The Book! The Movie! The Commie



  • Matthew Shipe: “The Dying Animals: Lateness and Desire in Philip Roth’s Everyman and The Humbling”

  • Paule Lévy: “The Rest is the Madness of Art:” Desire and Absence in The Prague Orgy”

  • Steve Rosenstein: "Jack Smith, Straight – Mickey Sabbath and the Reclamation of “Masculine” Performance in Philip Roth’s Sabbath’s Theater"

Masculinity and Desire

Chair: Debra Shostak

Narrative Theory and Narrative Medicine

Chair: Elèna Mortara

  • Miriam Jaffe: "Philip Roth's Narratives of Medicine: The Mind-Body Problems of Men and Women"

  • Pia Masiero: “Patrimony: Philip Roth’s legacy as a writer”

  • Aimee Pozorski: “'Our Boy is Gone': The Fractured Voice of Trauma in

Roth's Indignation and Nemesis"


Reconsidering American Pastoral Chair: George Searles

  • RL Goldberg: “Miltonic Figurations of Incest and Disobedience in Philip Roth’s American Pastoral”

  • Maggie McKinley: “Rothian Empathy in American Pastoral”

  • Matthew Germenis: "'It only appears that we come from one another':

Reconsidering Ewan McGregor’s Adaptation of Roth’s American Pastoral" Experiments in Form and Genre

Chair: Louis Gordon

  • Danny Anderson: "Philip Roth as Horror Writer"

  • Maren Scheurer: “Zuckerman’s Everymen: Realism in the American


  • Valerie Roberge: "Roth's Lesson in Irony"


Steven Sampson: Reading from I, Philip Roth 5:15-6:00pm

Reception at The Goldstein-Goren Center


Elisa Albert’s Keynote Address at The Goldstein Goren Center

*** Tuesday April 9th

All Tuesday panels will be held at the Center for Jewish History (15 W. 16th St)


Roth on Film

Chair: Steve Rosenstein

  • Lluvia de Segovia: "Stainless Steal: Whitewashing the Stain in the Film Adaptation of Philip Roth's Indignation"

  • Gerard O’Donoghue: "Roth on the Screen: 'Serious' Literature and Popular Democracy"

American History and National Identity

Chair: Jacques Berlinerblau

  • Amanda Greenwell: “Citizenship and the Child Gaze in Philip Roth's The Plot Against America"

  • Brittany Hirth: “Roth’s America: Identity and Individualism”

  • Aaron Kreuter: "Philip Roth and the Fictionalization of American Settler



Roth in Conversation

Chair: Andrew Dean

• •

• Jim Bloom: “All Along the Siegfried Line: Roth and Salinger”

Roth’s Voices

Chair: Gerard O’Donoghue

Daniel Goodman: "Enter Ghost: The Presence of Shakespeare in the Work

of Philip Roth”

Mike Witcombe: "'The most fraught human interaction there is: On Adelle

Waldman and Philip Roth"

  • Sophie Bernard: "Oral style and memory: a study of the polyphony in The Human Stain”

  • Li Lin: "The Blending of Fiction, Biography and Vignettes in Philip Roth's Later Novels”

  • David Gooblar: "Philip Roth: ’59, ’69, ’79, ’89, ’99, ’09, ‘19” 12-1:15pm

Roundtable: Reading Roth in the Age of Trump

  • Andy Connolly

  • Matthew Shipe

  • Maggie McKinley

  • Jim Bloom

Writing Workshop (facilitated by Miriam Jaffe): “Mourning Roth”

The Philip Roth Society would like to sincerely thank the faculty and staff at the Center for Jewish History and the Goldstein Goren Center for American Jewish History for their generous help and support in planning this conference.

Keynote Speakers

Elisa Albert is the author of two

novels and a short story collection.

Her stories and essays have appeared

in Tin House, The Guardian, The New

York Times, The Literary Review, The

Paris Review, Guernica, and many

anthologies. She lives in upstate New

York and is currently Visiting Writer

at Bennington College.

Charles McGrath is the former editor of The New York Times Book Review and former deputy editor of The New Yorker. He is currently a writer-at- large for The New York Times.

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