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Questions about "Our Gang"

Richard Dickerson, who is Professor Emeritus at UCLA, is working on a project on "Our Gang" and would like help from Society members who are familiar with Roth's take down of the Nixon administration. Prof. Dickerson, writes, "Posting on the Society webpage my questions about identities of the pseudo-named characters in “Our Gang” sounds like an excellent idea. One never can tell just who might have taken an interest in the identities of the characters. Even if the responses disagree, they would be of interest."

If you'd like to respond to contribute to this project please contact Prof. Dickerson at

Here's Prof. Dickerson's Chart:

Characters in Roth’s “Our Gang”

(approximately in order of appearance in book)

Gov. George Wallow of Alabama George Wallace

Trick E. Dixon Richard Nixon

Mr. Asslick

Robert F. Charisma Robert Kennedy

John F. Charisma John F. Kennedy

Mr. Daring

Attorney General Malicious John N. Mitchell

FBI Director J. Edward Heehaw J. Edgar Hoover

Mr. Respectful

Mr. Shrewd

Vice President What’s-his-name Spiro T. Agnew

Secretary of Defence Lard Melvin R. Laird

Secretary Codger William P. Rogers (Sec. of State)

Secretary Fickle Walter J. Hickel (Sec. of Interior)

Miss Charmin’

President Lyin’ B. Johnson Lyndon B. Johnson

Mr. Practical

Mr. Catch-me-in-a-Contradiction

Mr. Fascinated

Mr. Reasonable

Mr. Hardnose

Gov. George Wallow of Alabama George Wallace

Sen. Hubert Hollow of Minnesota Hubert Humphrey

Sen. Joseph McCastrophe Joseph McCarthy

San Dementia, CA San Clemente, CA

General Poppapower General Eisenhower

Jacqueline Charisma Colossus Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

NY Mayor John Lancelot John Lindsay

Pitter Dixon Pat Nixon

Prissier, CA Whittier, CA

Teddy Charisma Ted Kennedy

President’s Bilge Secretary, Blurb Press Secretary Ronald Ziegler??

Eric Severhead (newsman) Eric Sevareid, CBS news

Roger Rising-to-the Occasion

Morton Momentus (in Chicago)

Peter Pious (Los Angeles)

Ike Ironic (New York)

Brad Bathos (newsman)

Congressman Fraud

Reverend Billy Cupcake Billy Graham


Italic = Descriptive name; may not refer to any specific real individual

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