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Spring 2013 Issue of Philip Roth Studies

The latest issue of Philip Roth Studies (Vol. 9, No. 1) has just been published, and members of the Roth Society, if they do not already have their copies, should be receiving them soon. This one is a special issue, “Philip Roth between Past and Future,” guest edited by Pia Masiero and with a cover image by Andrea Ventura. The table of contents includes:

  • Editor’s Column – Derek Parker Royal

  • Introduction: Philip Roth between Past and Future – Pia Masiero

  • Philip Roth’s Our Gang, the Politics of Intertexuality and the Complexities of Cultural Memory – Till Kinzel

  • Fathers and Writers: Kafka’s “Letter to His Father” and Philip Roth’s Non-Fiction – Michael Kimmage

  • “Between Dystopia and Allohistory: The Ending of Roth’s The Plot Against America – Leona Toker

  • Expelled Once Again: The Failure of the Fantasized Self in Philip Roth’s Nemesis – Victoria Aarons

  • Roth, Ethics and the Carnival – Rémi Astruc

  • The Fate of Sex: Late Style and “The Chaos of Eros” – Ira Nadel

  • “I wanted to be humanish: manly, a man”: Morality, Shame, and Masculinity in Philip Roth’s My Life as a Man – Maggie McKinley (Winner of the 2011 Siegel/McDaniel Award)

  • Book Reviews

For more information on Philip Roth Studies, contact the executive editor at To subscribe to the journal you may do so through the Philip Roth Society, or by contacting Purdue University Press.

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