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Roth Documentary to Air in Australia

On Saturday, October 1, at 8:30 pm local time, SBS Two in Australia will air the documentary Philip Roth: A Lesson in Anatomy. A description on the SBS Two online schedule reads as follows:

A profile of one of the great icons of American literature, Philip Roth. From Portnoy’s Complaint, his first literary success, to his latest works, Roth has painted an uncompromising picture of society – a society from which he has retired for self-preservation. Revealing himself fully at age 78, Roth is very much alive and kicking – a man of charm, exquisitely funny, and full of surprises. (From France, in English) (Documentary)

One can certainly argue with the broadcaster’s description of Portnoy’s Complaint as “his first literary success”–what is Goodbye, Columbus, chopped liver (as opposed to “soiled” liver)?–but the documentary would certainly be worth viewing. And from the parenthetical comment in the description, it appears that this is the same documentary mentioned in a previous blog entry.

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