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Roth Society Returns at ALA

The Philip Roth Society sponsored its first panel since the pandemic this past month at ALA. The panel was entitled "Philip Roth and the Return of History." Thanks so much to James Bloom, Cristina Chevereșa, Andrew Dean, and Olga Karasik-Updike for sharing their terrific work and to Aimee Pozorski for chairing a great session!

Philip Roth and the Return of History

Organized by The Philip Roth Society

Chair: Aimee Pozorski, Central Connecticut State University

1. “‘Expect the Vandals’: Roth’s Rescue Narratives at the Dawn of the Atomic Age,” James Bloom, Muhlenberg College

2. “Radical Alterity and the Cyclicity of History in Philip Roth’s The Plot Against America,” Cristina Chevereșan, West University of Timișoara

3. “Roth’s Last Men,” Andrew Dean, Deakin University

4. “Is There a Communist in the House? Returning Soviet History in I Married a Communist,” Olga



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