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New Society Membership Options Starting in Jan 2021

Starting in January 2021, we will be altering (and simplifying) our membership plans. For current members who want to keep the print edition, membership will cost $60/year. This rate will be the same for US and international members. The slight increase in price—$10 for US members and $5 for international subscribers—will help offset the additional shipping expenses that the Society will have to take on now that Purdue will no longer be mailing the journal. Membership with an electronic subscription to Roth Studies will cost $30/year. We are eliminating the option of a membership without a journal subscription. We’re hoping that the lower price of the e-subscription will offset the loss of the current $20 option and bring new readers to the journal. Starting next year, we will also be eliminating rolling memberships—currently, memberships last for 365 days after you renew—and make all renewals due on January 1 of each year. We hope that this change will simplify the membership process and help people remember when they have to renew. If you have questions or concerns about these changes or about your membership status, please feel free to contact me at


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