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Newark Public Library Hosting Two Fundraisers for the Philip Roth Personal Library

The Newark Public Library is hosting two fundraising events for the Roth Library. The first is on a Saturday, April 25th. It is a(n updated) tour of Roth’s Newark, followed by a display of materials that have come to us so far for the personal library — a kind of sneak preview. The materials have some interest: Roth’s handwritten eighth grade year book (“My favorite author is John R. Tunis”), an email exchange with Kundera tucked into a book, and books with marginal notations. We will also serve lunch at the library after the tour and display of materials. The cost for that event is $500.00 per person.The next event is on June 3rd, in the early evening. Ben Taylor has a book on his friendship with Roth being published in May. He will do a reading and book discussion. The cost for that event is $100, though whoever signs up for the tour can attend the book discussion for the same cost ($500).

More information can be found here:

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