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CFPs for Upcoming Conferences--American Comparative Literature Association and Louisville Conference

Down below is information on two upcoming conferences. If you have questions about either event please contact our program director, Maggie McKinley (

The Roth Society is planning to sponsor an 8-12 person seminar at the ACLA (American Comparative Literature Association) Conference, which will be held March 19th-March 22nd, 2020, in Chicago. Our CFP is currently on the ACLA website (“philip-roth’s-succès-de-scandale”), and will be open for abstract submissions from August 31 through September 23. We strongly encourage you to submit! You can read more about the distinctive seminar structure of the conference here:

We are also considering a potential panel at the Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture (February 20-22, 2020). The Roth Society has sponsored panels at this conference in previous years, and would like to have a presence there again soon. However, we first wanted to gauge interest in this additional panel, since we are planning on the ACLA seminar, as well as our annual panel(s) at ALA. So, if you would be interested in participating in a Philip Roth Society panel at the LCLC in February, please contact Maggie to coordinate a possible topic

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