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Interview with Derek Parker Royal from 2013

Society member and Professor of Jewish Civilization at Georgetown University, Jacques Berlinerblau shared an interview that he conducted with Derek Parker Royal in 2013 on the occasion of Roth's 80th birthday. The interview is wonderfully smart and engaging, and a wonderful tribute to Derek's intelligence. Down below is a message from Professor Berlinerblau and the link to the interview.

Message Jacques Berlinerblau:

"Upon receiving the terrible news that Dr. Derek Parker Royal had passed away, I thought back to his visit to Georgetown University back in 2013. I had never met him before and what a delightful and knowledgeable oddball he turned out to be! Derek sat for the lengthy interview above, displaying his vast erudition about all matters Roth. He also lectured my seminar and the students loved everything about him, from his discussions of Melville and Hawthorne, to his disquisition on the concept of focalization. Derek's thoughtfulness is all over this video. Special thanks to Matthew Shipe, Aimee Pozorski and Maren Scheurer in helping us recognize what we have lost".

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