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Aimee Pozorski and Maren Scheurer Named New Editors of Philip Roth Studies

We are delighted to announce that Aimee Pozorski and Maren Scheurer have been named the new editors of Philip Roth Studies. They will begin their duties in Spring 2019. We are very excited that Aimee, who is a former President of Roth Society, and Maren have agreed to take on this post, and we very much look forward to what they will bring to the journal. We are also deeply grateful for all the work that Debra Shostak and David Brauner have put into the journal during their five year tenure.

Maren Scheurer is a postdoctoral teaching and research fellow at the Departments of Comparative Literature and English and American Studies at Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany. She studied Comparative Literature, English Studies, and Psychoanalysis in Frankfurt and York (UK) and holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from Goethe University Frankfurt (2016). Her research interests include the relationship between psychoanalysis and contemporary literature, theater, and television as well as the transformations of realism in late nineteenth century literature. She has published numerous articles on these subjects and co-edited an issue of Philip Roth Studies with Aimee Pozorski on Philip Roth’s Trans-Disciplinary Translations.

Aimee Pozorski holds a Ph.D. in English from Emory University (2003) where she also earned a certificate in psychoanalytic studies. She has authored Roth and Trauma: The Problem of History in the Later Works (Continuum), Falling After 9/11: Crisis in American Art and Literature (Bloomsbury) and is completing a third trauma monograph entitled AIDS-Trauma and Politics (Lexington). She has edited or co edited numerous volumes on the topics of Philip Roth, American Modernism, and HIV/AIDS representation. Her areas of expertise include contemporary American literature, trans-Atlantic modernism, theories of trauma and ethics, and narrative medicine. She is Professor of English at Central Connecticut State University, where she also directs the English graduate program and co directs American Studies.

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