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Philip Roth Discussed at La Règle du Jeu

On Sunday, November 25, scholars/journalists Steve Sampson (a Philip Roth Society member), Lazare Bitoun, and Josyane Sivigneau joined moderator Alexis Lacroix for a lively discussion on Philip Roth and his writing of America. The event was part of the La Règle du Jeu series, a literary revue founded in 1990 by Bernard Henry-Levy and directed by him. The series covers literature, philosophy, politics and the arts. The November 25 discussion was part of the weekly “seminar” sponsored by the La Règle du Jeu series, and taking place on Sunday mornings at the Saint-Germain movie theatre in St. German dès Pres, on the Left Bank near the Latin Quarter in Paris.

You can watch the event, conducted in French, here:

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