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Latest Issue of Philip Roth Studies

The latest issue of Philip Roth Studies (Vol. 8, No. 1) has been published, and members of the Roth Society, if they do not already have their copies, should be receiving them soon. The table of contents includes:

  • Editor’s Column

  • Introduction: Roth and Women – David Gooblar

  • “Angry Because She Stutters”: Stuttering, VIolence, and the Politics of Voice in American Pastoral and Sorry - Christopher Eagle

  • My Own Foe from the Other Gender: (Mis)representing Women in The Dying Animal - Velichka Ivanova

  • “You’re Neither One Thing (N)or the Other”: Nella Larsen, Philip Roth, and the Passing Trope – Donavan L. Ramon

  • Matrimony: Re-Conceiving the Mother in Philip Roth’s Life Writing – Tony Fong

  • “[A]nything but fragile and yielding”: Women in Roth’s Recent Tetralogy – Miriam Jaffe-Foger and Aimee Pozorski

  • Notes: Against Representation: Death, Desire, and Art in Philip Roth’s The Dying Animal - Zoe Roth

  • Book Reviews

  • Cover illustration by Bill Richards

This is issue is a special volume devoted to the topic of Roth and women, and it is guest edited by David Gooblar.

For more information on Philip Roth Studies, contact the executive editor at rothstudies [at] To subscribe to the journal you may do so through the Philip Roth Society, or by contacting Purdue University Press.

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