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Bryan Zanisnik: Every Inch a Man

Between March 30-May 6, 2012, the Abrons Arts Center (in Manhattan’s Lower East Side) will present Every Inch a Man, a five-week, site-specific performance and installation by Bryan Zanisnik in the Upper Main Gallery. From Thursday through Sunday each week (1-6 p.m.) Zanisnik will read Philip Roth’s The Great American Novel within a life-size Plexiglas container specially designed to fan baseball cards and outdated currency. Taking intermittent breaks to eat lunch with his parents, Bob and Carol Zanisnik, the artist will also tinker with an expansively cluttered installation of junk sourced from both Abrons storage spaces and his own childhood home; police costumes, hardware shelving, and cardboard share strange proximity with his childhood comic books, toys, baseball cards, and other icons of boyhood.

For more information about this performance, visit the Abrons Arts Center website.

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