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Nobel Speculation Redux

It’s that season of year, time for the Nobel Prize announcements and the ongoing speculations that goes on surrounding the awards. Over the past ten years, Philip Roth has been mentioned as the United States’ main contender, with many critics arguing his case and becoming dumbfounded every October when he doesn’t win the prize in literature. The award announcements begin next week, and usually by this point–the tail end of September–the Web is abuzz with speculations and prognostications. Surprisingly, there has been little of that so far, but a piece in today’s The Million addresses this issue. In the article, Michael Bourne writes an open letter to the Swedish Academy arguing the case for Roth, and he uses this opportunity to discuss the recently published American Trilogy, the latest installment of Roth’s oeuvre from the Library of America.

Here at the Philip Roth Society, we don’t endorse gambling. But if you are a betting person, you can always check out the book being made at Ladbrokes.

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