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2010 Siegel/McDaniel Award for Graduate Student Research

The Philip Roth Society announces the

Annual Siegel/McDaniel Award for Graduate Student Research

The Siegel/McDaniel Award recognizes high-quality work presented by graduate students on Roth Society panels in a given academic year (ending June 1).

Eligible graduate students should submit the paper they presented during a Roth Society event. Generally, this means the paper will be 8-9 pages long, double-spaced, with 12 point Times New Roman font.

The deadline for the First Annual Award is September 1, 2010. Please submit your work electronically with a cover letter and contact information to David Brauner, Philip Roth Society Program Chair, at d.brauner [at]

The winner of the Siegel/McDaniel Award receives:

1) a $250 cash award;

2) a complimentary membership renewal that includes the journal option for the following year;

3) an opportunity to work with the editor of Philip Roth Studies to publish an expanded version of the essay.

The executive board members of the Philip Roth Society will evaluate all entries and notify entrants of their decision by October 1, 2010.

This award is given in honor of the work of Ben Siegel and John N. McDaniel, two of the earliest and most influential Roth scholars in the history of American letters.

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